Some of Our Eco-System Partners


Our Platforms

Web3Re Technogies provides Blockchain As A Service (BAAS) solutions to companies in the virtual world to ensure an immutable, uneditable, and transparent record of transactions on their platform.

Learning Management System

We remove territorial boundaries and make global exchanges possible.

GOYA Universe

Fundamental mission of bringing people together for good causes.

NFT Marketplace

Comprehensive solution for Artists and NGOs/charities to leverage NFT fundraising.

What We Do

To interact, learn, engage and
ultimately prosper through social interactions by
leveraging on secure Web 3.0 technologies and
Blockchain for Good.

Web3Re develops standard, intuitive and friendly APIs to support multi-chain solutions required by the Metaverse projects. In addition to API services, we create Metaverse frameworks that can be easily customised and implemented for enterprise or metaverse projects.


We implement and integrate multi-chain solutions for NFT and Metaverse projects. We support public blockchains and private blockchains.

Our Metaverse

A pivotal juncture for blockchain innovation in Asia

By applying the fundamentals of blockchain technology and what it was intended for in the first place, and dispelling the common misunderstandings of the uses of blockchain.


Social Impact Initiatives in line with UNSDG Goals

In line with Blockchain for Good, the GOYA Digital Philanthropy platform advocates the diminution of carbon emissions, through which users are empowered to participate in a blue carbon emission offset initiative made plausible by its blockchain technology and the metaverse to track the planting, growth, and survival of each mangrove planted

Blockchain Mangrove Reforestation; A sustainable scientific reforestation project.

A Science-driven mangrove planting project in your name, where we track and analyze the growth of the mangrove forests planted by our donors, and which you can visit in real life or on our metaverse!

Endless possibilities with Web3Re Technologies

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